Trac Cymru was set up because of concerns that the traditional folk culture of Wales was being lost. You can read more about this in our Cultural Policy.

All aspects of our work give equal priority to the Welsh and English languages, as set out in our Welsh Language Policy.

Our Equalities Policy sets out our aim to treat everyone equally and as an individual, and our Freelancers’ Policy details Trac Cymru’s commitments to those working with us in a freelance capacity.

Additional details of relevance to particular groups are set out in separate policies relating to Safeguarding (Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults) and Volunteers.

We also have policies on our Environmental impact and on the secure storage of sensitive information.

In the event of problems we have a procedure for Raising Concerns.

Our policy on Website Use, Privacy and Cookies is here.

All our policies are reviewed annually by the Trustees.


Trac Cymru is a member of ArtWorks Alliance and we endorse its Code of Practice for artists working in participatory settings.

We also endorse the ISM and MU Code of Practice, a set of principles to tackle and prevent bullying, harassment and discrimination for all those working in the music sector.