Raising Concerns


This section is intended to give you, the user of Trac Cymru’s services, information to assist you in raising any concerns.

If you think that Trac Cymru has failed to deliver the service or standard that you expect of us,  please let us know by raising your concerns with your immediate contact eg course tutor, or a member of our staff.

Please do this at the time the problem arises because it is often possible to quickly resolve issues directly at the coal face; if you delay in bringing a problem to our attention we will ask you for a detailed written account so that your concern can be thoroughly investigated.

The contact details of our staff are listed below:

Manager: Blanche Rowen, trac@trac-cymru.org, telephone 01446 748556

Director: Danny KilBride, cyfarwyddydd@trac-cymru.org

Emergencies should be dealt with as necessary to obtain the required help.