Environmental Policy


1.  Introduction

1.1 All Trac Cymru staff and Trustees are encouraged to take account of environmental issues in their areas of work.

1.2 Trac Cymru’s operations are split between office based development work and community based development work. We have therefore concluded that our significant environmental impacts are the energy we use, the office materials we consume and the travel and transport requirements of the organisation.

2.  Energy efficiency

2.1 To improve energy efficiency all staff will be encouraged to partake in energy saving practices such as turning off lights when not needed and the sensible use of heating and ventilation. Computers and monitors will be set to standby mode when not in use.

3.  Materials

3.1 In an attempt to conserve natural resources, Trac Cymru staff will be made aware of the need to reduce our paper consumption and encouraged to carry out paper usage minimisation practices such as double sided photocopying and printing, the use of scrap paper and the development of a paperless system for internal messaging and post.

3.2 Every effort will be made to recycle as much of our waste materials as possible. Paper is reused or recycled and ink cartridges are stored for collection and recycling wherever possible. General waste is taken by the local County Council and is land filled; we will monitor our general waste and strive to reduce it.

4. Travel

4.2 Trac Cymru will encourage all staff to travel responsibly. Car sharing is encouraged wherever possible both internally within Trac Cymru and externally with our partner organisations.

4.3 The majority of staff meetings will be conducted via VOIP (voice over internet protocol) to reduce car usage.


Reviewed and agreed by Trac Cymru’s Board of Trustees on 20 September 2022.