Working with professional folk artists – some success stories

Trac Cymru works with performing artists to develop our folk scene at a professional level. From videos and audience development to research and live performance, we’ve run a number of innovative projects with professional artists at all stages of their careers. Here are some of our creative projects:

10 Mewn Bws: this groundbreaking project took ten young musicians from many genres and introduced them to the traditional arts – and the tradition bearers – of Wales

Tune Chain: tunes and tradition form a chain as nine players become links showing the way music is passed on

Dros y Ffin / Beyond the Border: three young musicians from Wales and three from England explore our common heritage and our differences

Ffwrnes Gerdd : a wide range of musicians and singers share their music, their songs and their stories

Tune Chain

Ffwrnes Gerdd

Dros y Ffin/Beyond the Marches

10 Mewn Bws