Equalities Policy


1.  Introduction

1.1 The intention of this policy is to ensure that all employees, volunteers, contractors and partners, both potential and actual, are treated equally and as individuals regardless of age, disability, ethnic or national origin, gender, gender reassignment, marital or parental status, nationality, political belief, race, religion or sexual orientation.

1.2 This includes eliminating, within the framework of existing legislation (The Equality Act 2010), discrimination in its own policies and practices and those areas over which it has influence.

1.3 The policy is set within the framework of Trac Cymru’s other policies, including Culture and Welsh Language, all of which are available to members of the public.

1.4 This Equalities Policy will be implemented across all aspects of Trac Cymru’s work:

  • the appointment of any committees and working groups;
  • the appointment of staff, their conditions of service and employment procedures;
  • policy making and funding schemes;
  • all dealings with the public and partners;
  • design and execution of all activities

1.5 Trac Cymru itself will be responsible for ensuring that the policy is implemented effectively, through a process of regular consultation across all of its work.

2. Equal Opportunities

2.1 Trac Cymru is committed to implementing a policy which promotes equality of access to a full range of arts events for people of all ages, abilities, cultures and communities.

2.2 Auditing, Monitoring and Evaluation

Trac Cymru has adopted the Voluntary Arts Wales Monitoring and Evaluation procedures and will devise a reporting system which includes opportunities for participants to offer information to inform our Equalities progress.

2.3 Targeted Programmes

Where, through its monitoring, Trac Cymru identifies particular instances of under-provision, it will consider whether to establish specific targeted initiatives or programmes designed to enable particular sections of the community to reach the threshold of knowledge, experience and understanding in accessing the arts possessed by others. Such programmes will focus on issues of training, special partnership development and projects demonstrating good practice.

3.  Employment Policy

Trac Cymru is committed to a policy of equality of opportunity in its employment practice. In particular Trac Cymru aims to ensure:

3.1     that no job applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment than another on the grounds set out above (para 1.1);
3.2     that no job applicant or employee is placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions which have a disproportionately adverse effect on his/her section of the community;
3.3     that where appropriate and where permissible under equal opportunity employment laws, employees of under-represented groups will be given training and encouragement to achieve equality of opportunity within the organisation.
3.4     There are detailed policies elsewhere to cover volunteers,
3.5     and the additional requirements which may apply to applicants with criminal records.


Reviewed and agreed by Trac Cymru’s Board of Trustees on 20 September 2022.