The Future of the Tradition

and the Tradition of the Future

Trac Cymru kindles interest, nurtures talent and presents the very best of Wales’ folk musicians across the world. We hold day courses and residential courses to help enthusiasts and professionals hone their skills and develop talent at all ages across our traditional arts. You’ll find us working in schools, in communities, on festival fields and at international showcases, helping to ensure that the traditional arts of Wales continue to enrich lives regardless of age, background, race or language.

Our Vision

Wales’ traditional arts at the heart of contemporary Welsh life.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to achieve a flourishing culture within Wales with its roots in the folk tradition.
Working with musicians, dancers and singers of all ages and levels, we will bring about positive change for individuals, communities and our cultural heritage through the living tradition of the folk arts.


Trac Cymru is a Registered Charity, No. 1085422, and a Portfolio member of the Arts Council of Wales.