Cultural Policy


1. Introduction

1.1  Trac Cymru’s objects are to ‘advance the education of the public by promoting the use of traditional and tradition-based arts including – but not exclusively – music, song and dance, by activities designed to increase participation and raise standards’. Trac Cymru will pursue these objects within the context of its Cultural Policy.


2. Trac Cymru’s Cultural policy

2.1  Trac Cymru’s Cultural policy
2.1.1.    respects the traditional
2.1.2.    respects the contribution of people from all age groups
2.1.3.    respects the principles of equal opportunity
2.1.4.    respects the cultural heritage of the Welsh language

2.2  Trac Cymru’s main aim is to ensure the continuation of the traditional culture of Wales – it was established in reponse to a genuine concern that this continuation is in danger.

2.3 Trac Cymru recognises that its role is potentially endless since the terms ‘tradition’ and ‘culture’ are so wide. Given this, in the context of Trac Cymru’s core function the terms are interpreted as follows:

‘culture’ refers to the various art-forms
‘tradition’ refers to that which is unique to any given community and deeply rooted in that community.

2. 4 Trac Cymru works towards the preservation, continuation and development of those art forms that are unique to the communities of Wales and that have deep roots in Wales.


3. Priorities

3.1  Given the very broad nature of the field, Trac Cymru accepts that it is necessary to prioritise specific aspects of the above – and will support the work of other sister agencies and network closely with them to realise activities that promote similar objects.

3.2 Trac Cymru prioritises projects

1. that are based on music – whether it be instrumental, vocal or played for dance
2. those which involve more than one art form.
3. those which hand over the story – as tales, myths or ballads etc

3.3  In accordance with Trac Cymru’s educational object, and its concern to see the continuation of the tradition, we will emphasise in the first place projects that hand over the tradition and create opportunities for people to adopt the tradition i.e. where the main focus is on the audience or the receivers rather than on the performers or providers and creators.

3.4  In the second place, Trac Cymru supports the creative development of the tradition, and in this, promotes the holders of the tradition and attempts to ensure a platform for their work in and beyond Wales.

Reviewed and agreed by Trac Cymru’s Board of Trustees on 20 September 2022.