Clybiau Dawns / Dance Clubs

Ruff Folk Dance Club
We meet every Monday from 8.00pm until 10.00pm in the hall behind St Andrews Methodist Church, Caerphilly Rd, Birchgrove, Cardiff. If you want to do more dancing between ceilidhs why not come along and join us? Dancing is FUN and it’s good for you!!
Monthly workshops in Breton and French dance followed by Fest-noz/Bal with live music from guest bands, resident artists and the music workshop ensemble.
Llandovery Folk Dancing
Llandovery Folk Dancing is an informal group of like-minded people who come together simply to enjoy themselves folk dancing. Llandovery Folk Dancing have continued the pattern of monthly dancing sessions since 1994 when the group was formed.
Ruff Ceilidhs
Mae Ruff Ceilidhs wedi bod yn cynnal Ceilidhs yng Nghaerdydd ers dros 30 o flynyddoedd.
Ruff Ceilidhs have been hosting Ceilidhs in Cardiff for over 30 years.
Lleoliad / Location:
Caerdydd / Cardiff