Ruff Folk Dance Club

Ruff Folk Dance Club
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We meet every Monday from 8.00pm until 10.00pm in the hall behind St Andrews Methodist Church, Caerphilly Rd, Birchgrove, Cardiff. If you want to do more dancing between ceilidhs why not come along and join us? Dancing is FUN and it’s good for you!!

The club developed from the Ruff ceilidhs to enable people to do more difficult dances from a wider range of sources (English, Welsh, Scottish and American).

However it’s not a workshop as such – we meet and teach dances ranging from Historical 17C British social dances to those from British contemporary dance writers plus some American contra and square dances. It’s a dance club which gives the opportunity for people who enjoy dancing to do more of it and (hopefully) get better at it.

We also organise workshops with visiting callers and musicians.