The project Kann an Tan from TafwylTrac Cymru and the British Council combining musicians from Wales and Brittany to produce a set for the Tafwyl 2022 stage was special.

The project brought together six artists – three from Wales and three from Brittany to create new music together as partners. The artists working together were Gwilym Bowen Rhys and Nolwenn KorbellCerys Hafana and Léa, and Sam Humphreys and Krismenn. The project was facilitated by musician Lleuwen Steffan – who hails from Wales and lives in Brittany.

The projects aim, funded by British Council Wales, was to give the artists the opportunity to work with an artist from a different country who’s also creating and performing in a minority language. The artists spent three days before Tafwyl together in Musicbox studios in Cardiff – before performing live together at Y Sgubor stage in Tafwyl.

Take a look at clips of each of the special collaborative performances here on our Youtube channel 👇

Cerys x Léa

Gwilym Bowen Rhys x Nolwenn Korbell

Sam Humphreys x Krismenn

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