It was the 21st anniversary of Trac Cymru in 2021 but thanks to the coronavirus our plans to celebrate this milestone were put on hold, like so many birthday parties. However, despite the difficulties we’ve all faced over the last two years, Trac has continued working on its mission to make sure that our national music traditions can live on and thrive in the years to come … And so, as we prepare to launch our exciting new vision for the organisation’s future, we’d now like to share with you a few success stories about what’s happened over the last 21+1 years.

Over the next two months we’re going to showcase some of the work that Trac has been doing to nurture folk music across the generations – from our support for the tradition bearers, our living national treasures who protect our precious heritage, to our work helping to get young people excited in their first encounters with the music they are inheriting. Young people that Trac assists to develop into the next generation of professional musicians, carrying forward the excitement of the music for new audiences.

We have some amazing stories to tell about how we’ve ensured that some old songs got some fresh exposure to the light; stories about the Tune Clubs we helped get started; stories about how communities have come together; stories about individuals whose lives have been changed by increasing skills, self-esteem, confidence, and wellbeing. These are inspiring stories about why it’s so important to pass this valuable heritage from one generation to another.

Trac Cymru has exciting plans to keep supporting even more people to develop their own special connection to our amazing national music. We’ll be making sure that our traditional arts make a real difference in the lives of young people and families in local communities across the nation, and we’ll continue to support all the generations to benefit from this vibrant living culture. Our vision is for traditional music to be felt as the beating heart of contemporary Welsh life.

But we can’t do this work without your help – Trac Cymru is a charity that depends on your support to continue making a difference to people’s lives and your donations will be vital to help us to keep doing our work for the nation’s cultural heritage. Please consider making a donation today.

Please also help us by sharing all our 21+1 stories, and join us in posting your own happy memories about Welsh folk music on social media #TRAC21.

See some more of our work in our campaign video below 👇

Trac Cymru 21+1

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