Trac Cymru is aiming to ensure that Welsh traditional music survives and flourishes in the future years to come as a vibrant and active part of the nation’s identity, finding new life in the hands of every generation.

We conclude our journey through stories from the 21+1 years of the charity’s work with a focus on one of the bright stars from the latest generation of emerging folk musicians who are now starting to graduate from the National Youth Folk Ensemble of Wales into exciting professional careers – Cerys Hafana, who is rapidly winning new audiences with her musical exploration of the iconic triple harp.

Cerys has progressed through Trac Cymru’s development programme over several years, including attending our Gwerin Gwallgo residential courses before being selected for a place in the National Youth Folk Ensemble, which has gone on to receive great acclaim under the band name Avanc. An important part of Trac Cymru’s strategy to sustain the nation’s traditional music sector has been to provide in-depth vocational support for some of our most talented artists, and Cerys is another great example of how we help to nurture the passion and skills of young musicians and then provide them with opportunities to learn vital practical skills for a future career in the music industry. 

In the exclusive interview in the following video, Cerys discusses her journey playing the triple harp, why the instrument is so culturally significant, and how it has given her a unique voice and style of her own. She talks about the support Trac Cymru has given her and the friends she has made for life through her work with Avanc. Cerys is also passionate about the importance of diversity and inclusion, and speaks about her belief that folk music should represent the people of Wales as they are today.

Our plans to celebrate the milestone 21st anniversary of Trac Cymru in 2021 were put on hold thanks to the coronavirus, but we have continued with our mission to support the development of our amazing national music for the benefit of all. Please support us by sharing these stories with your friends and colleagues, and join us in posting your own happy memories about Welsh folk music on social media #TRAC21, and you can help us fund our work by making a donation today.

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