We hope you have enjoyed taking this journey with us through some of the charitable work of Trac Cymru over the last 21+1 years, and we hope that the small selection of stories we picked have helped to highlight some the many different ways that our music traditions remain important for Wales today. 

We looked at how Trac Cymru has worked to make sure that this powerful heritage is still being handed on through the folk traditions – through our support for the living national treasures that are our tradition bearers, through our innovative community projects, and through our support for vibrant local Tune Club collectives. We told the story about how Trac Cymru has continued to pass on this vital knowledge and creative skills to the upcoming generations – from the first musical encounters of young children to in-depth learning for teenage enthusiasts, and then on into vocational development towards professional careers.

Weve seen the current blossoming of stars in the emerging generation of Trac Cymru protégés who have been learning from the established artists that are already shining on the national and international music scenes. The power of our music traditions is in the way that they are passed directly between people and our role as a national charity is to continually breathe life into this process, nurturing interest at local community level as well as developing new audiences across the world to help Welsh folk music to survive and thrive.

Our ambition for the next 21+1 years is to ensure that our national music becomes felt as the beating heart of the nation, and to make this happen we are keen to increase inclusion and diversity within the traditional music sector and intend to lead some bold new projects that utilise the inherent qualities of community cohesion that lie at the heart of our folk traditions – particularly in a unique intergenerational exchange of collective knowledge and expressive storytelling. 

As the music world has been emerging from the shadow that the coronavirus pandemic cast over the previous 2 years, Trac Cymru has been planning the development of an extensive new programme of cultural engagement that we want to roll out to more communities across Wales in the coming years. We will continue to nurture excellence in the national arts and alongside this we want to make a positive impact on the quality of life of individual participants at a local level.

Your support will be invaluable in helping us to achieve our mission. Please consider making a donation today and invest in developing a cultural legacy for the future wellbeing of the nation.

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